History and State of Filipino Architects and Engineers

  • Commencing in the 60’s, the Philippines had produced a large number of architects/engineers

  •  These new architects and engineers were mainly part of the baby boomers – the sons and daughters of Filipino World War II veterans

  • The educational system in the Philippines was patterned after the USA educational system (designed for a developed country with a large number of middle income population) even though the Philippines is principally agricultural (75% of the population are peasants)

  • All engineering/architecture books and theories were obtained from the US

  • English is the medium of instruction in all colleges and universities

  • To improve their standard of living, Filipino parents’ developed a strong motivation, hard work and supreme sacrifices to have their children educated

  •  Many of these parents and children chose to be professionals, i.e., architects, engineers

  • Philippines had created one of the top countries in the world that produces architects and engineers since the 60’s

  • Private and infrastructure developments were not in existence in the country to make use of these new architects and engineers

  • Shortage of projects in the country have resulted to an influx of Filipino architects and engineers’ migration to the US and Europe which started in the 60’s

  • Inexpensive labor and be able to communicate in English of these Filipino professionals made them attractive to be hired by these developed countries

  • Due to their proficiency in English (compared to other immigrants), Filipino architects/engineers have successfully assimilated in the political and economic structure in their host country

  • Many architects and engineers have established their own firms and/or had “broken the ceiling” within their firms

  • Due to their numbers, Filipino architects and engineers globally have formed their own groups and made alliances with other Filipino associations

  • Many Filipino architects and engineers in the Philippines have found contract work overseas

  • Due to the “on and off” contract overseas, Filipino architects and engineers continually return to the Philippines

  • The current global recession which started in 2007 in the US, Europe and elsewhere created setbacks for the Filipino architects and engineers in these countries

  • Philippine economy was not affected by this global recession due to its uniqueness – mainly because of the OFW remittances and BPO (call centers)

  • The current Aquino administration uplifted the Philippine economy making the country attractive for foreign investors

  • The country is currently experiencing many private and infrastructure developments

  • As a result of the recession from the developed countries, an increasing number of the Filipino architects and engineers from these countries have settled back in the Philippines

  • A number of the early architects and engineers, now in retirement stage of their lives, had chosen to settle back in the country, or frequently make visits to the country

  • These professionals have obtained an enriched background of international standards, as well as a wide range of considerable experience in the management, planning, design, and construction of projects throughout the world

  • The country is currently not producing a large number of architects and engineers, compared to ‘60s and ‘70s

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